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Like pristine white sheets, the sight of fluffy white towels has become synonymous with hospitality. Guests carry these expectations from your business, whether you’re running a chic inn in the country or high-rise midtown. However, expectations are more than a simple matter of nostalgic association. Towel quality affects customer experience in a major way.

This is How Towel Quality Affects Customer Experience

The quality of your towels affects your customers in a number of ways, especially in the following areas:


Customer experience in the hospitality industry rests heavily on customer comfort. The quality of your towels is a major factor in that. Scratchy, thin towels or ones with visible pilling or patchiness are uncomfortable to use. They might even lead to some skin irritation. Towels with strong odors can be terribly uncomfortable, too. And all this can ruin any hotel stay or spa visit.


Low-quality towels, whether it’s innate, poorly-maintained, or basic wear and tear, can also negatively affect your towels’ functionality. For one, poor towel fabrics can cause them to be less absorbent. This can have negative effects on your customers’ experience, and ultimately, how they perceive your business.


Visuals are as much an essential part of hospitality as everything else. And the sight of yellowing, stained, or patchy towels does not contribute to this aspect of your business. They convey a message of neglect, and worse, of poor hygiene. No one wants to stay in a hotel where they’d feel dirty just from looking at the towels.

The Best Way to Secure the Quality of Your Commercial Towels

Like other linen inventories, commercial towel quality affects customer experience and poses a unique challenge for your business. Ensuring that your customers have a positive experience where your towels are concerned depends on a couple of things. In particular:

  • Cost. Towels, particularly good quality ones, can be pricey. And the cost does not stop with procurement. Towels bring a never-ending chain of buying, maintaining, and replacing, all of which translates to more cost. Getting and keeping high-quality commercial towels for your business is a careful balancing act.
  • Quality. You’ll always need to begin with high-quality towels. And they can be hard to find. The best ones on the retail market are often sold at ridiculous prices.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance is one of the most crucial factors that affect the quality of your towels. It also happens to be one of the most difficult. Maintaining your linens can affect both the quality of your towels and your budget. It can even affect your supply availability, with it largely depending on the efficiency of your towel laundry system.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take on this endeavor on your own. You can always trust the expertise and experience of a proven commercial towel service provider! And in Texas, there’s only one name that has that and more: Wilkins Linen!

Wilkins has a selection of top-notch towels that meets all your customers’ expectations. And we are equipped with the skill and technology needed for superior towel care.

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Call Wilkins Linen at 1-866-WILKINS or fill out this form to know more about our towel services and more.

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