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There are many variables when you’re making the decision to lease or purchase linens and other textile products for your business. Which will work best for your business? The decision to lease or buy linens depends on what will work best for your customers, staff and bottom line. Share on X

Linens Define Your Brand

Linens can help define your company and keep brand continuity.  They are one of the many ways you can create a consistent look and feel and a way that you can ensure that every visitor and customer gets the same experience.

Linen Leasing

  • PRO: Little or no upfront costs
  • PRO: Eliminates the need for costly laundry equipment and vast storage space
  • PRO: You won’t need additional employees to manage linen inventory
  • PRO: Ensure compliance with health codes and regulations
  • CON: Usually requires a contract
  • CON: You are dependent on the leasing company for weekly delivery of linens

Buying Linens

  • PRO: You’re often choosing from a wider variety with more customized options
  • PRO: Ideal for businesses that already have laundry facilities on-site
  • CON: Requires a substantial initial investment
  • CON: Ongoing costs include laundry facilities, and additional employees
  • CON: Extra storage space is needed to keep linens

Leasing Linens vs. Buying: Benefits and Drawbacks

Purchasing linens has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.  If you’re looking for a unique color or specific style, it may be hard to find a linen service that will lease uniforms that can’t be used across multiple companies. However, if you find a reputable linen provider willing to go the extra mile to keep you satisfied, you may find that it’s much easier and less stressful to lease your linens, letting someone else take on that burden.

Wilkins Linen

Wilkins Linen understands that as a facility manager or business owner, you’re faced with hundreds of decisions a day. Let us take the guesswork and worry out of linen management.

Contact Us today for a quote, or to learn how we’ve helped other businesses in the Houston area.

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