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You are in the business of caring for sick and injured people. This requires a demanding, on-your-toes pace of work days and weeks. It requires careful attention to detail and minimal mistakes. In the midst of everything, you may not often have time to stop and think about your medical linens. But they’re vital to your ongoing success.

What Do Your Medical Linens Say About You?

Your medical linens are such an integral part of your daily and weekly operations, they’re likely often not something you notice. However, your patients experience them every minute they’re in your care and they have a huge impact on patient comfort and satisfaction. Consider the following 5 things your linens say about your practice:

You are professional.

If your linens are not taken care of properly, stained or dirty linens can find their way to your patients. Stained, dirty, and unpressed linens make your practice look unprofessional and unorganized.

You care.

Linens that are clean, crisp, and well taken care of communicate to your patients that you care about their comfort and well being. When they slide into their hospital beds, they’ll already feel like you’re taking care of them. Uncomfortable, dirty linens, on the other hand make your clients feel neglected and uncared for regardless of your level of care.

You are efficient.

Keeping your linens crisp, clean, and changed regularly not only demonstrates your dedication to taking care of the smallest details, but it also shows how efficient and reliable you are. This reinforces your patients’ feelings of trust and stability.

You value sanitation.

When your linens always feel and smell freshly laundered, your employees, patients, and their families will rest assured knowing they’re in a sterile, sanitary environment. It goes without saying this is non-negotiable for any medical facility.

You are worth it.

You want your patients to see, feel, and experience value from the first moment. The quality of your medical linens shows your commitment to providing the highest quality patient care and experience possible. If your patients see your linens aren’t clean and fresh, they’ll wonder what other more important things are being neglected.

The Value of Outsourcing Linens

Keeping your linens clean and freshly folded may require more time and resources than you have available. It takes a lot to keep a medical facility running smoothly and effectively, and you probably already feel like you need more time. Outsourcing your medical linen management to a quality medical linen provider is a great affordable way to manage your linen inventory. A good company will also keep you compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Wilkins is in the Small Details

In the business of caring for people, every smallest detail matters. Let your medical linens communicate your dedication to your patients’ comfort, trust, and well-being. Let them demonstrate the level of quality of your care and attention to every detail. Let Wilkins Linen take care of all your linen needs so you can take care of your patients.

To learn more about our personal approach to medical linen services, Contact Us.

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