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A special event is intended to make a statement. Whether a corporate luncheon, awards banquet, wedding, or party, you want your guests to experience something remarkable. What takes an event from average to awesome is often the details like your choice in linens.

Linens and Special Events 101

Your guests’ experience begins the moment they arrive. The sights, sounds, and smells make the first impressions as they enter the room. What kind of ambiance will take your event to the next level? Your linens may be the deciding factor.

Make a Statement with Style

What kind of look and feel are you going for? Something casual, elegant and classy, or somewhere between? Linens take it up a notch on the style scale. The moment your guests arrive, their experience begins with their eyes. Let your linens speak of your commitment, care, and/or veneration of your guests. Consider the colors, arrangements, and thread count.

Keep it Clean

Table linens are significantly cleaner than their paper counterparts. Spills are more easily absorbed and contained which keeps your guests from staining their event attire. Your guests will also likely only need one cloth napkin for the duration of the event as opposed to an average of 3 paper napkins. This makes after-event clean up much easier and less expensive. Using a linen services provider makes it even easier.

All About the Ambiance

The ambiance is the setting, style, and feel of your event. It’s what your guests will feel throughout the evening. It’s what they see, taste, hear, and experience. At many events, guests find it too noisy to carry on a meaningful conversation. This leaves them watching the clock for the earliest exit opportunity. Did you know cloth absorbs the sounds of clinking dinnerware and other conversations? Choosing linen tablecloths and napkins will deaden the background noise and provide the optimum ambiance for social interaction and event proceedings.

Keeping It Special With Your Special Events

What statement do you want your special event to make to your guests? Every detail matters from food to venue to the decor. Use this guide to linens and special events to take it to the next level.

Wilkins Linen is your Houston area resource for special events linens and other linen resources. Contact Us to get started planning the linens for your next special event.

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