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It’s often the smallest details that have the greatest impact. Your table linens are a good example. They are an opportunity to enhance your brand and save you money over the long haul. Consider these 5 reasons to make the switch to cloth table linens in your restaurant.

Restaurant Linen Rentals: The Cloth Advantage

Your table linens are one of the basic elements of your daily operations. Because you use them constantly, they are a great opportunity to save you money and add to your brand. A good linen services provider uses high quality cloth linens. Enjoy the following 5 advantages by choosing cloth linens for your restaurant.

1) Cloth is more sanitary

Tabletops are breeding grounds for bacteria. Cloth table linens protect your customers from exposure to bacteria. After each party leaves, everything on the table including the linens, is removed and replaced with a fresh set. This ensures your tables are kept sanitary for each customer who visits.

2) Cloth absorbs spills

Spills on bare tabletops spread quickly, drip onto the ground, and create a big mess. Paper table linens and napkins will absorb spills, but cloth linens absorb much more. Spills are controlled quickly and removed easily. Once you replace the linens, the table is good to go.

3) Cloth is green

All paper products are single use. Diners may use several paper napkins per meal and paper tablecloths must be thrown away after each use. This amounts to considerable waste and constant inventory replenishment. Cloth linens are reusable and quality linens have a long usage life. This is not only better for the environment, but it saves you money in the long run.

4) Cloth absorbs sound

There is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation over dinner in a noisy restaurant. Sometimes it only takes one negative experience to lose patrons. Cloth table linens absorb the background noise in your restaurant. Your guests will enjoy your food AND have conversations with ease.  

5) Cloth adds style

Cloth table linens give your dining area a sense of elegance and class. It makes your guests feel like they are having a finer dining experience. It will enhance your brand and patrons often feel like spending more for the value.

Upgrade to Cloth With Wilkins Linen 

Your choice of restaurant linens makes a statement about your brand and the value it brings. Cloth linens speak of style and elegance and end up saving you money over the long haul. Restaurant linen rentals allow you the convenience and style of cloth linens without the hassle of self-washing and inventory management. Consider making the switch to cloth linens this year. Wilkins Linens is your source for commercial linen services including health and hospitality. For more information on the advantages of cloth restaurant linens, Contact Us today.


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