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Healthcare and hospitality industries both have something in common. People. Clients, customers, patients, and staff. There are many people coming and going and many opportunities to make a good impression. Selecting a quality linen service provider can mean a strong first impression.

Your Linen Service Provider: Big Impact

Linens may not seem like a priority, but they should be. Linens make a big impact, and say a lot about your establishment or event. Here are some ideas to help you select a quality linen service provider:

Determine Your Needs

When it comes to linens, cleanliness, and appearance is crucial. This is universal across all industries, with only a few subtle differences. Finding linens for a healthcare establishment has different requirements than the hospitality industry. Healthcare will focus more on the function of linen, while hospitality may care more about form. Hospitality industries (including hotels and restaurants) want to make a strong first impression. There’s often an emphasis on luxury and style. Healthcare services require more basic, functional linens. Determine your linen and laundry needs based on the services you provide.

Check Reviews and References

Word of mouth is invaluable for choosing a linen service provider. Check online reviews and client references to get a feel for the company culture. Pay special attention to negative or lukewarm reviews. This can give more insight into how the company handles feedback. If they address it and seek to offer a remedy, it may speak to their professionalism. This is especially true when the overwhelming majority of reviews are good. Mistakes and miscommunications are inevitable, but how a company handles them speaks volumes!


A good linen company strives to make your experience easier. Linen pickup and laundry removal services are offered by most linen services but may include an additional fee. This usually pays for itself in the time it will save you!  It’s also important that you’re able to get all your linens from one source. Having to work with several providers can be complicated. Make sure that your linen service provider has all the products you need.

Quality over Quantity

When a customer notices linens in poor condition,  they don’t associate it with the linen company. They associate with your company. Every aspect of your business reflects your image. Finding a good linen service provider is vital to your company brand. Wilkins Linen is dedicated to giving your brand the highest quality linen services it deserves.

To learn more about how linen services can enhance your business, Contact Us.

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