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Whether your business is large or small, linen management plays an essential and key role in your customer’s experience. It is critical to optimize linen management to ensure a safe and clean environment. Linen services allow you assistance with managing inventory and cutting costs so you can focus on providing the best care for your clients.

Why Linen Management?

Today more businesses are opting for linen management rather than purchasing and cleaning items themselves. There are many reasons linen services might benefit your company. Here is an essential guide to see if working with a linen management company is right for you.

Who Needs Linens?

There are a variety of industries who use linen on a daily basis and would benefit from linen management services. Hospitals, restaurants, country clubs, catering businesses, schools, clinics, and spas are just a few examples of companies who use linen products.

What Linen Service Provides

Linen service isn’t limited to bed sheets and towels. Linen management includes a multitude of products like mats, mops, patient gowns, aprons, napkins and more. Linen rental and cleaning programs are customized to suit each customer’s needs. Many services include frequent deliveries and pick-up, customized logo printing and even dust control service. Managed linen services supply you with the products you need and continue to provide services by picking up soiled items and delivering freshly cleaned and sanitary linens on a weekly basis.

When Do You Need New Linens?

Keeping your linen inventory fresh and sanitized is vital to the health and happiness of your clients. Share on X Linens in healthcare, restaurants, and other industries are used once and take constant changing and cleaning. Linen management offers laundry pickup and delivery services five days a week so you can keep the inventory needed ready and run smoothly.

Why You Need a Linen Management Service

With the growing number of linens many companies go through on a daily basis, it is wise to consider a linen management service to help. For many companies, cleaning, ironing, and sanitizing create being a large load to deal with. Besides the constant cleaning and sanitizing, there are also many laws and regulations for industries which use linens. OSHA, the EPA, and JCAHO are just three regulators who set guidelines for linen use in healthcare, restaurant, and other industries. Using a qualified linen management service is the perfect way to protect your business by correctly handling and sanitizing your linens.

Essential Services

Wilkins Linen & Dust Control Services has been a top supplier of linen services in the Houston area since 1952, providing custom business solutions that make sense, while eliminating surprises in delivery, inventory, and billing. Wilkins Linen is diligent about adhering to all laws, regulations, and guidelines relevant to the linen industry. 

To learn more about how linen management services can benefit your business, Contact Us.

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