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Whether you are a hospitality business or involved in the healthcare industry, laundry operations are essential to everyday tasks. From patient gowns and bed covers in medical facilities to tablecloths and napkins in restaurants, all of these industrial textile products must be gathered, washed, dried, pressed, and distributed throughout every working day.

Due to the high volume and multiple steps involved with linen care, laundry outsourcing services can reduce operating costs, free up much needed time, and loosen budget constraints. If you are handling laundry in-house, read on to see how outsourcing can save you money in the long run.

Laundry Outsourcing Can Lower Overall Business Costs

If finances are tight and you are looking for a way to save money, outsourcing laundry services may be your solution.

Purchasing Inventory

Is your operations budget largely spent on purchasing new linen inventory? This is a huge cost that can immediately cut when making the switch to a service company. By utilizing an outside source, you no longer have the need to purchase new items or keep backup product–this now becomes their responsibility.

Equipment & Maintenance Costs

Another large allocation is towards buying and maintaining equipment. Commercial washer and dryer machines not only cost thousands of dollars but also require regular maintenance that adds to your fees. When machines break or malfunction they have to be repaired, which also requires additional upfront costs.

By outsourcing laundry services you can save money on these expensive equipment and repair costs and the need for a maintenance package is eliminated.

Another advantage to getting rid of these machines is freeing up the large amounts of space required to hold them. You can use that room to expand other quickly growing areas of your business.

Utility Charges

Running massive industrial strength washer and dryer machines take tons of energy to power. If you outsource laundry operations, utility fees will dramatically decrease. Not only can you save money from electricity charges, but your company will also become more eco-friendly.

Insurance Costs

Although workplace injuries may not happen on a regular basis, when an accident does happen, it’s usually a huge expense. These mishaps are common when operating potentially dangerous machinery such as hot irons and dryer machines. When an employee gets hurt on the job, insurance costs will rise and labor expenses may increase temporarily if extra help is needed while the injured worker is out.

In addition to rising health insurance costs, there’s also the possibility of fire or water damage from these machines that could cause higher property insurance prices.

By outsourcing laundry needs, you can immediately eliminate any extra money spent on higher insurance due to machine-related incidents or injuries.

Wilkins Linen Can Save You Money

If you are ready to begin using a linen service provider who can effectively and accurately manage your laundry needs, contact the professionals at Wilkins Linen today.


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