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As a restaurant owner, one of your top priorities should be making a lasting impression on customers. This can be achieved many ways through marketing, ambiance, interior design, service, and quality food. There’s also another, perhaps unexpected, way to positively impact guests–through restaurant linen products

Getting Down to the Basics

It may seem simple but incorporating these three basic restaurant linens can make a lasting impression on customers.

1. Tablecloths

Adding cloth table covers can make such a huge difference in the appearance and atmosphere of a restaurant. Your establishment should reflect feelings of joy, calmness, peacefulness, and romance (if this fits the style of your restaurant). When paper covers a table–or even worse, there’s no cover at all–it can leave a bad impression on guests and diminishes the overall ambiance.

Try sprucing up your space with a simple black or white linen tablecloth that will show people you care enough to pay attention to every little detail.  

2. Napkins

If you are using paper napkins, it’s time to make the switch to cloth. Customers will thank you for having a high quality, durable napkin that doesn’t rip. If there’s a spill, it’s much more efficient and clean to use a cloth napkin for cleanup. Liquids won’t soak through and food won’t rub off. They are simple to wash and reuse, which also helps reduce waste.

Another way cloth napkins can make an impression on guests is by making it a design feature. Unlike paper napkins, cloth can be transformed into beautiful shapes and designs to add a pop of interest at every table.

To learn some basic napkin folding techniques, read this article -> 4 Napkin Folding Ideas To Spruce Up Your Restaurant’s Tables

3. Table Skirts

While not every restaurant will find table skirts as a necessary linen, high-end places will. A linen table skirt adds elegance and extra design to tables within your establishment. Choosing neutral colors like white or black will add just a touch of sophistication. When customers notice you have taken an extra step to make the restaurant environment welcoming and stylish, it will make a memorable impact.

Wilkins Knows Restaurant Linens

At Wilkins Linen, we have been providing Houston area restaurants with essential linen and laundry services for over 60 years. Our expert staff can help direct you towards the right fabric, size, and style to fit your restaurant. Contact us today to begin leaving that last impression on customers.


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