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Cleanliness is one of the most important indicators of success in the food services industry. It can truly make or break your restaurant. Curb appeal and design are important, but a dirty or unkempt interior can ruin whatever ambiance your space had. Use this guide to ensure your customers have a positive dining experience.

The Impact of a Clean Restaurant

When most diners discover a dirty restroom, they start to wonder what condition the kitchen is in. This greatly diminishes customer confidence, and for good reason. Your atmosphere and ambiance are just as important as the quality of your food and service. Let these 3 tips guide you to a cleaner and more successful establishment:

1) Make a Good Impression

A good first impression encompasses the sights, smells, and sounds that greet your customer. From the moment they pull into the parking lot, customers are taking stock of the landscaping, exterior design, and ambiance.  Entering your restaurant, they should be promptly greeted.  The interior entrance should be kept very clean, as it sets the tone for the dining experience. Servers should be dressed neatly in clean attire, ready to greet customers with a smile.

2) Pay Attention to the Details

The importance of cleanliness doesn’t end at the door to the kitchen. Keep your facilities clean from front to back. Maintaining a clean restaurant is not only good for the customer experience, but for health too. Keeping kitchen and backroom floors cleaned and mopped, and surfaces sanitary, will eliminate the possibility of food contamination. Ensure that all cleaning towels, logo mats, and other maintenance products are also in good condition.

3) Set The Table

Customers will spend the majority of their time at the table. Make sure the tablecloths are spotless and free of stains or dust. Keep your chairs cleaned and remove scuffs regularly. Frequently inspect the underside of your tables for gum and grease. Tableware should be spotless and without watermarks. Take a look at the floors. Are they clean and free of debris?

Let Your Customers Dine With Confidence

Using quality facility services will ensure your premises are clean at all times. Consider outsourcing your tablecloth and uniform cleaning services to guarantee cleanliness standards. After all, you want customers to dine with confidence, so they’ll become return customers. Don’t let something like a grease stain on a tablecloth ruin that opportunity.

Wilkins Linen Can Help

Let your customers enjoy delicious food in the cleanest environment possible. Food, cleanliness, and service are the most important factors in the food services industry. Wilkins Linen knows restaurants and will ensure the cleanliness and availability of your restaurant linens.
Contact Us for more information on restaurant linen services and dust control products.

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