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When you go to eat at a restaurant, you’re looking for more than just great food. You’re looking for a dining experience. This begins with what you see, hear, and smell. It begins with the ambiance of the restaurant. A great ambiance not only sets the mood but it also gets the stomach and palate ready for great food.

Creating the Ambiance of the Restaurant

When your guests walk into your establishment, what do they see and hear? Is it too loud for comfortable conversation? Maybe it’s too dark or too bright. Your ambiance communicates a lot about the experience your guests will have. What does your ambiance say about you?

1) Lighting

Your lighting is an opportunity to create an atmosphere at each table. Even though there may be many others dining at the same time, lighting can help your guests feel like they’re dining alone. Pay attention to the lighting levels, placement, and fixtures. Think about your lighting needs at different times of the day. Dimmers are a great way to control your lighting throughout the day.

2) Table Layout

The layout of your dining area plays a big part in the ambiance of your restaurant. You want your table placement to make the most efficient use of your space, but also be easy to navigate. Make sure your tables have sufficient space to allow for a comfortable dining experience.  

3) Decor

Your decor is also a part of your ambiance. Make careful choices with wall decorations, statues, and artwork. Your guests will eat first with their eyes. What they see is often the first part of their dining experience. Make sure it’s a great start to an amazing evening.

4) Sounds and Noise Level

The sounds in your restaurant play a huge part in creating ambiance. The music, sounds from the kitchen, and the noise levels of other patrons all come together to enhance or detract from the ambiance you’re attempting to create. Are you going for something lively and energetic or soft and romantic? Linen tablecloths absorb sound better than paper or bare tables tops.

5) Colors

Your color theme is another key element to your restaurant ambiance. Consider the color of your walls, tablecloths, and napkins. Using a linen services provider that specializes in restaurants is a great way to have the optimal choice in linen colors and quality. It also makes it easy to create special settings for holidays and events throughout the year.

Set the Tone for the Evening

It is said people eat with their eyes and it’s true. Your guests begin forming an opinion about their experience at your restaurant the moment they walk through the door. Make sure your ambiance compliments the food you will serve. Give your guests the best dining experience possible. Get started guide to creating the ambiance of the restaurant.

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