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Cleanliness is essential in the food services industry. It will either enhance or take away from your customer experience. Don’t let dirty bathrooms, dusty furniture, or a littered parking lot dissuade would-be patrons from visiting your establishment. Use this guide to ensure your customers have a clean and healthy dining experience.

Maintaining Restaurant Cleanliness

There is nothing worse than having a great time dining tarnished by a dirty bathroom or a dingy floor. Your atmosphere and ambiance are just as important as the quality of your food and service. Get started with these 5 tips to a cleaner dining facility:

1) First impressions go a long way

What do patrons see as they enter your parking lot and get out of their cars? Your lawn maintenance, the state of your parking lots, and the outside of your premises is your first statement to would-be clients. Are your windows clean and dust-free? Is your parking lot littered with bottles and debris? How do your landscaping and lawn look? Make sure your sidewalks are power washed and free of cigarette butts. Cleanliness is inviting. Dirtiness is repelling.

2) Make your entryway welcoming

As your clients enter your premises, what do they see?  Is the glass in your doors free of dust and smudges? Do you have welcome logo mats to dust their feet off as they enter? Everything they experience as they walk in will make or break their first impression. If you have waiting benches or chairs make sure they are cleaned and dusted. Mop the floors and make sure there are no candy wrappers or other items laying around. Make sure your welcome station is cleaned and organized.

3) They will spend most of their time at the table

Make sure your tablecloths are spotless and without wrinkle. Keep your chairs cleaned and free of muck and dust. Frequently inspect the underside of your tables for gum and remnants of dirty hands. Any dishes that are placed on the table should be spotless before food is placed on them. What do they see as they look at the table, nearby windows, and the lights? Is the floor clean and dust free? Make them feel welcomed and safe.

4) Your bathrooms will make or break you

A dirty bathroom can turn an otherwise excellent experience into an ok or even bad one. Dirty toilets, soiled floors, and smudged mirrors can allow a trip to the bathroom ruin the experience. Monitor your bathrooms throughout the day and clean them regularly. A spotless bathroom speaks volumes for your customer service. Go the extra mile in the bathroom and you won’t regret it.

5) Behind the scenes is just as important

How your employees feel will determine how they treat your clientele. Keep your facilities clean front to back, so everyone feels good. Maintaining top level cleanliness is not only good for morale but good for health too. Keep your kitchen and backroom floors cleaned and mopped. Don’t let the places your clients don’t see go without the same TLC as the dining areas. Your employees will feel taken care of and will provide the best service to your patrons.

Quality Cleaning Supplies Make all the Difference

Using quality facility services will ensure your premises are clean at all times. Consider outsourcing your tablecloth and uniform cleaning services and while you’re at it, pick up all the cleaning supplies you’ll need as well. Choose the best in dust mops, microfiber mops, indoor and outdoor logo mats, and other quality dust control products.

Wilkins Linen Can Help

Let your clients enjoy your delicious food in the cleanest, most welcoming environment you can. Make sure your employees feel good and taken care of so they’ll provide your clientele the absolute best service and care. Wilkins Linens is your resource for dust control and linen services. Contact Us for more information on restaurant linen services and dust control products.


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