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Whether you run a large restaurant or a small cafe, aprons are an essential part of your employee uniforms. Not only do they give your employees a professional look, but they also provide a barrier between food and grease stains and your employees’ clothes.

These practical garments are much needed in the restaurant industry. But with multiple styles to choose from, how do you know which aprons are best suited for your establishment’s needs?

Here at Wilkins Linen, we’ve been providing high-quality linen and apron services since 1952. It’s decades of experience that have helped us provide only the highest quality products to a wide variety of businesses.

We’ve put together a guide to different types of aprons and how your business can use them today:

Kitchen/Bib Aprons

You can get the gist of what bib aprons are by their name alone. The bib apron provides great coverage for the torso. Traditionally, they have a loop around the neck with ties around the waist, and a length to about the knee. 

Since these aprons are pretty full coverage, they are perfect for back-of-house staff. Sometimes bib aprons are also referred to as chefs’ aprons.

Full Bistro Aprons

Full bistro aprons provide a lot of coverage and are great for front-of-house employees. Unlike bib aprons, however, bistro aprons don’t loop at the neck and start towards the top of the body. These aprons typically tie at the waist and run a little bit past the knee.

They can come with or without pockets, making them practical, stylish, and suitable for a multitude of hospitality businesses.

Half Bistro Aprons

Half bistro aprons, like full bistro aprons, start at the waist but aren’t as long. They typically end a few inches above the knee, around the thigh area.

These aprons are also suitable for front-of-house employees. They can come in a variety of styles and colors to suit the needs of your business!

Waiter/Waitress Aprons

When you go to a restaurant and are greeted by your waiter, what are they typically wearing? Most likely, a waiter/waitress apron! These aprons are the way to go for your waiters and waitresses.

They are short and usually have pockets suitable for pads, pens, straws, and anything else your wait staff may need on the job. These aprons also come in a variety of colors and styles so they will look as great as the rest of your establishment.

Count on Wilkins Linen to Get You the Aprons You Need!

Whether you need bib, bistro, half bistro, waiter/waitress aprons, or all of the above, you can trust Wilkins Linen to deliver! Our aprons can be customized for your business’s needs! From a variety of colors to an array of styles to choose from, we’ve literally got you covered!

Wilkins Linen has been providing high-quality linen services for over 60 years in the Greater Houston and East Texas area. It’s our high-quality products and dedication to our customers that has helped us stand out from the rest for as long as we have. 

Get a Quote from Wilkins Linen Today! 

For all of your hospitality linen needs, trust the experts at Wilkins Linen today! Contact us now for a quote at 1-866-WILKINS.

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