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Green practices typically not only are better for the environment but also end up saving you money in most cases. You use your restaurant linens every week and they must be continuously washed. This present a unique opportunity to go green and save money.

Going Green With Your Commercial Laundry

There are many measures you can take to make your commercial linen management more environmentally friendly. It’s also typically safer and more cost effective. Get started with the following guide:

Maintain and Clean Equipment

If your laundry equipment isn’t maintained and serviced regularly, it’s likely having to work a lot harder than necessary. This means it’s using more energy than it would normally. It also won’t last as long.

Minimize Water Usage

Your restaurant uses a lot of water each week to maintain your normal business operations. This presents a great opportunity for conservation and cost savings. Flow control fixtures for your faucets, toilets, and urinals can make a big impact on your water consumption. For your laundry, implement a water management plan to make sure you’re using the least amount of water necessary.

Use Reusable Products

If you’re using paper napkins and tablecloths, you’re throwing away a large amount of paper waste each week. Consider linen napkins and tablecloths. Make sure you get quality linens and you’ll enjoy many years of use out of them and the associated cost savings.

Go Green With Your Chemicals

Strong sanitizers are not only hard on the environment, but they also can be hard on your employee’s’ health. For this reason, choose more eco-friendly cleaners for your laundry. Also, use pre-diluted chemicals to ensure worker safety. Furthermore, conduct regular training to ensure your employees always handle the chemicals and cleaners safely and properly.

Outsource Your Laundry Service

Industrial-scale laundry services deploy high capacity washing equipment. This is much more efficient than home washing machines or even smaller commercial equipment. Consider using a commercial linen services provider to “green” your restaurant linen management in the best way possible.

Wilkins Linen Can Help Improve Your Bottom Line

There are many reasons to make your laundry services more environmentally friendly. It’s typically safer for your employees and more cost effective. Use this guide to start making your commercial laundry services green today.

Wilkins Linen is your Conroe area linen service provider. Contact Us for more information on going green with your commercial laundry services


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