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A guest’s feelings as they dine at your restaurant are affected just as much by what they see as what they eat. You can create ambiance, promote your image, and increase your visitors’ appetites with your floorplan, table layout, and choice of colors in your design. Consider the following tips on the color choice in your restaurant.

Coloring Your Restaurant Design

You can increase your restaurant’s chances for longevity by the way you use colors in your design. Everything from the colors of your building, logo, interior, and linens work together to create your image and ambiance. Consider the following ways your choice of colors impacts the look and feel of your establishment.

1) Control the feel of your rooms

Space perception and feeling of intimacy can be affected by your choice of colors. Cool, light colors such as blues and greens and pastels make a small space feel larger. Larger also feels less formal and less intimate. Warm, dark colors, on the other hand, make your space feel smaller and more intimate. What feel are you going for?

2) Dial it up or down

The intensity of your colors is also important when looking for a certain response. Do you want colors that are pure or at varying degrees of saturation? Or should you use colors that have been muted by complementary colors to elicit a desired effect? The intensity of your colors and the combinations you use will affect your clients in different ways. Make sure your design and colors affect your guests as you want.

3) Manage your image

Are you going for an upscale, modern feel or a family restaurant? Fast food and casual dining or sports bar? Your color scheme goes a long way to establish your image. Want fast food?  Think big, bold colors and bright lighting. Reds, yellows, and greens encourage quick turnover. Going for a more leisurely, family feel? Think muted, subtle tones and colors for a restful, conversational atmosphere. If you’re goal is stylish and chic, think blacks, reds, and golds for an upscale feel.

Get Your Linens With Wilkins

Once you’ve decided the look and feel you’re going for, consider using linen services with Wilkins Linen. It will save you time and money while providing you with high-quality linens and services. Free pickup and delivery make linen services convenient and ideal for your fast-paced operations. You can manage your image easily and efficiently.

What’s Your Image?

There is much to consider when determining your restaurant design. Floor plans, table size, and color scheme are a few. Everything comes together to create the ambiance and image of your restaurant. Use these tips to create the ideal look and feel for your restaurant and Contact Wilkins Linen for more information on linen services for your restaurant.

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