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Running a restaurant can be a chaotic career. Keeping liquor costs in check, balancing schedules, updating menus – the list of responsibilities goes on and on. If you have a sit-down area at your restaurant or place of food service, most likely you’re in need of restaurant linens as well. Everything from tablecloths to cloth napkins is needed to get through a busy shift, and it’s an absolute disaster when you don’t have enough on hand, or you haven’t cleaned the proper amount.

The Renting Advantage

A much more seamless way to handle your linens is to rent them instead of buying. This way, you’re ensured to have the right amount of hospitality products on hand, no matter how big your crowd is. Additionally, you can be certain that your linens are laundered professionally and properly. But, how do you know which types of restaurant linens to rent? Consider there few key pieces you should always have on hand.

Napkins for Waste Reduction

Using cloth vs. paper napkins in your place of business is an excellent idea. Of course, you’ll still want a few paper napkins on hand for messy situations, but generally speaking, cloth napkins are a much more preferable choice. Not only do they add an upscale feel to your restaurant, but they’re also easily laundered, cutting down on waste. Using cloth helps to reduce your carbon footprint while making the overall impression of your restaurant much more pleasing.

Tablecloths for Style

Many sit-down restaurants have some type of tablecloth or covering. Renting and laundering them is simple, and tablecloths add a touch of elegance to the establishment. They also make things easier to clean up for your staff. Imagine a busser clearing off a table with no tablecloth while a group of people patiently waits to be seated. Not only will they sit down and smell the odor of cleaner, but the table may still be wet if the busser is in a hurry. With a tablecloth, you simply clear the plates and dishes and replace with a different tablecloth. Much more aesthetically pleasing, and much more comfortable for your customer.

Table Skirts for Elegance

Not every restaurant will find table skirts necessary, but it’s a nice touch. Place these under your rotating tablecloths to help protect your tables while adding an elegant look. Should there be a food or drink spill, it’s simple to just gather up both tablecloth and table skirt to begin the cleaning process. White-on-beige or white-on-white offers an exceptional look as customers walk into your restaurant.

Place mats Are Essential Restaurant Linens

You may see a lot of restaurants use paper place mats, but cloth is a much better alternative, and easy to rent and clean. Similarly to napkins, using cloth place mats helps to reduce the carbon footprint as you have much less waste per each table turnover. As with other linens, not only do they look great, you’re helping the environment too.

Kitchen and Bar Towels

Not all of your necessary linens need to be the type that customers use – it’s ideal to have sanitized, fresh, clean towels on hand so that everyone in hospitality services can keep their stations clean. Renting both kitchen and bar towels is much easier, as you’re assured the correct number will always be on hand. You also don’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning, removing stains, drying, and folding at the beginning of each day.

Wilkins Linen Can Help You Rent

If you’re in need of linens for your restaurant, bar, or food service facility, contact Wilkins Linen for all of your linen management needs. Proudly serving the Houston and surrounding area for many years, our professional service can help enhance your business’ brand.

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