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When we think about what restaurant table linen colors mean, we’re not talking about the color you see, but rather,  about the psychology behind the colors. Through extensive research over the years, it’s been shown that, in general, certain colors evoke corresponding feelings.  In this case, it may be worth considering changing the colors of your restaurant’s table linens and cloth napkins. There are a few things you should know about the psychology of colors that can help you make a decision.

Blue and Purple Restaurant Table Linen

While an attractive may be pleasing to the eye, if you’re making a decision based on the psychology of colors, you should avoid blue and purple. These hues have been known to decrease appetite, but have also been known to have a calming effect. Therefore, blue is more appropriate for a stressful environment such as a hospital or school classroom.

Choosing Yellow

Yellow is a choice that could really go either way. Yellow is known to promote energy and cheer, although it’s one of the hardest colors for the human eye to initially process. You may want to avoid yellow as a table linen color, and instead, opt for yellow accents in other parts of your restaurant. If you’re trying to promote energy, this is a color that could certainly help your employees. This also may be a smart choice for a restaurant that serves breakfast, as the cheerful nature of yellow is a great way to start the day.

Red Table Linens

While it may seem a bit bold and bright, if you’re opting out of classic white for your table linens, it’s been shown that red is one of the best choices when it comes to hospitality services. The color red has actually been shown to increase appetite, and promote energy while doing so. Thus, if you’re making a choice chiefly on psychology, your guests will remain hungry and energetic, staying longer at the table, perhaps for dessert or coffee.

Opting for Green

While green is not known to be an appetite stimulator, it is known to be a relaxing color, and red can sometimes overtake the color scheme of a building. Choosing green for table linens (especially lighter shades) is a great idea. You can always layer your table with white and off-white cloth underneath to help soften the blow of bolder colors. Green is also a potentially good choice for a healthy or vegan establishment.

The Benefits of Orange

Orange is a bold move, and the color itself may be too much for your color scheme; however, like red, orange is also an appetite stimulant. Orange is also known to be attention-grabbing, so this color may have a tendency to distract guests while they’re at the table. Right up there with red,  if you’re able to pull off orange in your establishment, it may be a good idea.


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