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Looking for a single-use napkins option that protects customers while improving their experience? Don’t look to paper napkins. Between their lack of durability, and the resources they consume, paper napkins offer little and cost a lot. Especially when compared to linen napkins, paper napkins’ one time use quality leaves a lot to be desired. Linen napkins are one time use, more comfortable,  effective, and less wasteful. 

Linen Napkins Are Also One Time Use

While linen napkins aren’t landfilled and left to rot like paper napkins, they are still one time use. That’s because, when they arrive hygienically clean at your business, they’re used once, stored away, and cleaned again. Only one customer comes into contact with the napkin before it’s sent back for cleaning. 

The processes they’re cleaned by ensures that they are free of pathogens, food and drink, and stains. As a result, when a supply of linen napkins comes into your business, they’re just as clean, if not cleaner, than paper towels. Here’s how: 

Regulation-Guided Cleaning Process

While our cleaning processes are guided by the goal of producing the best product, our industry is regulated by several organizations. Everything from the washing, drying, and transportation procedures has a base-line of acceptable practice. We at Wilkins pride ourselves on going above and beyond those guidelines. 

Though single-use, paper napkins are generally safe after production and wrapping, there’s little regulation after those steps. With bulk purchases, an order of paper napkins can sit around for months at a time, collecting everything that they come into contact with. Unless your business takes extra steps to ensure those napkins stay sanitary, there’s no guarantee they will. 

With Wilkins collecting your used linen napkins and delivering your fresh ones every day, those danger’s aren’t possible.

State-of-the-Art Technology 

The machines, process, and chemicals we use to disinfect and clean our linen napkins are top of the line. When it comes to the health and safety of our clients and their customers, we spare no expenses. Our laundering mechanisms and delivery processes are carried out by the latest technology. 

Linen Napkins are Comfortable and Effective 

Unlike paper napkins, which are flimsy and unreliable, linen napkins are sturdy, comfortable, and highly effective. No matter what’s being eaten, the customer will only ever need one. If a rack of ribs is on the menu, expect anywhere from 8-15 napkins to be used throughout the meal. For the same meal, only one linen napkin would be required. 

Comfortable Linen Napkins Encourage Spending. Single-Use Paper Does Not.

Customers who feel like they’re being treated like royalty will spend like it. And it all starts on the table. When customers sit down to a clean tablecloth and soft, luxurious linen napkins, they’re more relaxed, and feel more cared for. That sense of ease increases the appetite. As a result, they’ll need to order more. 

Contact Wilkins Linen & Dust Control Service For Napkins That Save

If you’re ready to embrace true hygiene and comfort for your customers, give Wilkins Linen a call at 1-866-WILKINS or contact us here


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