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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. Your clients are making plans for romantic dinners, flowers, and festivities and some will visit your establishment. How are you planning to make their Valentine’s dinner spectacular? The increase in business brought by this special day is an opportunity to gain lifelong clients. Get started with these decoration ideas.

Valentine’s Day Restaurant Linen and Decorations

There’s nothing better than an amazing time with your lover at your favorite restaurant. Music is playing softly in the background, you are dressed nicely and the conversation is warm and intimate. The moment is perfect and the food is great. So much of this experience comes from small details that create atmosphere. Use this guide to create the perfect Valentine’s Day atmosphere for your customers:

  1. Fold your napkins with love. Consider using the heart fold or the rose fold for your napkins to give your place settings a small dash of romance. Little details like this will enhance your patrons’ experience and create an atmosphere of intimacy.
  2. Choose your color scheme. Pink and Red are the usual options for love, accented in white. Using a pink featured linen theme creates a lighter, more fun atmosphere while red is classy and pure romance. Let your linens create our atmosphere of choice.
  3. Offer Valentine’s Desserts. Offering an assortment of unique Valentine’s themed desserts adds fun and fancy to your clientele’s experience. Think of adding a Valentine’s twist to your normal dessert dishes and offer a couple of new items. Heart-shaped cupcakes, fudge brownie hearts, and red velvet cheesecake are just a few ideas.
  4. Feature a Unique Valentine’s Menu. Consider adding an all-in-one lover’s meal option complete with appetizers, main entrees, and dessert for two, priced for perfection. Offer champagne on the house or your normal spirits and drinks for purchase. Give your Valentine’s visitors a lover’s coupon for 2 for a return visit.
  5. Put a little Romance in the air. Atmosphere is everything when it comes to intimate evenings. Dim your lights, customize your music (both style and volume), and consider your layout. Train your wait staff to be attentive, but never intrusive. Lovers prefer an atmosphere that is romantic and quiet enough for intimate conversation. Consider spacing your tables out a little further to give more privacy.

Get Your Valentine’s Day Linens From Wilkins

Valentine’s Day is a unique opportunity for you to make an impression on your customers. It’s a chance to win lifetime clients and word-of-mouth recommendations. Take a little extra time to plan your Valentine’s Day restaurant linen and decorations. Give your customers the romance they desire in your atmosphere and attention to detail. Wilkins Linens is your Houston area source for Valentine’s Day linen rentals. Contact Us today to ensure your customers experience the most romantic and intimate dinner possible.

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