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Does your medical facility need better facility services? Wilkins Linen has the products and services that you need for success. We are the premier choice for more than just linens!

Here’s a couple of reasons why:

Better Medical Facility Service Products

When hygiene is of the utmost importance, you need the right tools to get the job done. This is exactly what Wilkins facility services brings to your medical facility. We have some of the highest standards in product quality. Whether it’s the mats, the towels, or the hand soaps we supply, Wilkins ensures quality.

The guiding principle we keep for our product quality is simple. If we don’t want to use it on our own facilities, we won’t offer them to you. Our product selection process is rigorous. First, we look into the products’ effectiveness. How well do the wet mops clean up messes? How well do the dust mops and cleaning towels pick up dust off different surfaces? How safe are the air fresheners?

Then we look into the durability. We make sure that each product can withstand the heavy-duty cleaning needs of the medical industry. We make sure they can take on our rigorous washing cycles.

Stable Medical Facility Service Supply

A medical facility’s janitorial inventory can never run out of essentials. There is always something that needs mopping and wiping. The hand sanitizer dispensers always need refilling. Between caring for patients and administrative tasks, no one has the time to keep up with the inventory!

That is what Wilkins Linen’s facility maintenance service is for. We do not just pick up your dirty mats and deliver bundles of clean towels. We keep an eye out for your supply room as well. Our representatives work closely with your maintenance teams. This is how we ensure that you always have access to clean products at all times.

Shortages are not only annoying. In a busy medical facility, the absence of clean janitorial products can impact many areas of your operations. And we are here to prevent that. We’ll be there before you even run out of your most essential supplies. No empty dispensers. No over-worn mats. No pile of dirty cleaning towels. No hassles, no worries.

Overall Convenience

Wilkins Linen’s facility maintenance service is more than just pickups and deliveries. What we offer is complete support for your facility’s janitorial needs.

Our medical facility service service saves your team a significant amount of time. This is time that they would have wasted on laundering and drying mop heads and towels. This is time they would have spent taking care of your essential safety and dust mats. If you translate this convenience into its monetary equivalent, you’re looking at long-term savings. Cost-efficient and convenient? Keeping your medical facility clean cannot get easier than this!

Get Started Today with Wilkins Linen!

Hop aboard the Wilkins facility maintenance train today and see the difference a little professional help can make. Call us today at 1(866) WILKINS to arrange for service or make inquiries! You may also send us your inquiries by filling out this form

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