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2017 has arrived and you now have a fresh start before you. Let this year be one of opportunity, innovation, and growth. Grow your business, seek new innovations, and welcome every opportunity. With budget constraints and the demand for customer satisfaction, your new year’s business plan couldn’t be more vital. Consider these 3 linen and laundry goals to give your business the boost it needs in 2017.

Your 2017 Linen & Laundry Goals

From being environmentally-conscious and keeping the workplace safe to keeping up with government laundry regulations, now is more important than ever before to stay on top of your company’s goals.  As you begin creating a business plan for 2017, consider the following:

1. Go Green

While you can practice other green business methods such as switching to a paperless filing system and cutting down on electricity usage, you should also do the same for your laundry procedures.

Try these green linen resources to help save the planet and cut costs.  

  • Make the switch from paper products to cloth! If you’re a restaurant, this may mean recycling your paper napkins and investing in cloth napkins that will last a lifetime. If you’re in the healthcare industry, this could include patient gowns, bed sheets, curtains, and more!
  • If you have internal laundry services, invest in energy-efficient machines that conserve water usage.


  • Let a trusted linen management company do your laundry! Because professionals in this industry use energy-saving products and machines, outsourcing can save you money while also helping out the environment.

2. Make Safety A Priority

Safety concerns for both customers and employees should be a primary concern for your business. If you aren’t already taking safety precautions, start the new year off with some of these facilities management products that can help prevent accidents.

  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Doorway mats
  • Microfiber flat mops
  • Cleaning towels
  • Hand and air care

Learn more about how dust control products can create a healthy environment for your customers and employees.

3. Stay Compliant With Laundry Regulations   

Part of managing a business is staying compliant with government regulations and industry standards. If you’re involved with the health care services industry, this is especially true.

Some laundry and linen requirements from OSHA include:

  • Handle contaminated linens as little as possible
  • Bag them on-site (where used)
  • Place them in a leak-proof container
  • Label or color-code the container appropriately
  • Transport contaminated linens safely

If you’re having trouble maintaining these standards, a reliable linen management company such as Wilkins Linen can help! We follow all mandated protocols related to linen and laundry care to alleviate some work, time, and worry often associated with industry regulations.

Start the Year Prepared

As you set your business goals for 2017, make sure you start the year strong. Using environmentally-friendly practices, making safety a concern, and staying compliant with OSHA  is a great way to begin.

Preparing now for what  2017 has in store and developing an achievable strategy will position you for a successful new year! Wilkins Linen is here to help you make the most of your new year’s goals. Contact Us today for help with your linen rental and management needs in the Houston area.


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