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As a facility manager, you have countless responsibilities and job duties. But, have you thought about dust control? When was the last time hard to reach places and dark corners were seriously dusted? Dust control is critical for the appearance of your facility and more importantly, the health and well-being of your staff and clients.

What Are Dust Control Solutions for Facility Managers?

There are a number of ways that you can implement dust control solutions in your facility. It’s important to make dust control a part of your regular schedule. If you’re a facility manager and you’ve realized that your facility is in need of serious dusting, these 5 tips will help you. Share on X

  1. Scheduled, Routine Dusting
  2. Clean Air Vents
  3. Vacuum
  4. Air Purifier
  5. Door Mats

1) Scheduled, Routine Dusting

Is dusting a part of the cleaning crew’s duty? Are they aware that this includes under and behind heavy furniture, on fans, and in hard to reach corners? If dusting is not on the scheduled chores, add it. If it’s already there, but you’re noticing an accumulation of dust, consider having a meeting with the cleaning crew to discuss your facility’s cleanliness standards. Furthermore, it’s useless to dust with the traditional feather duster, because all that does is move the dust around.

Pro Tip: Water is a great, effective dust suppressant that can be used with microfiber cloths to completely eliminate the buildup of dust.

2) Clean Air Vents

Air vents must be cleaned regularly. This means replacing the filter on a consistent basis and cleaning the inside and outside of vents. Have you checked the air ducts? It’s mandatory to clean them out with dust control products and microfiber cloths.

3) Vacuum

Vacuuming should be happening daily, at least. The hose should be utilized to suck the dust from hard to reach places. Vacuums are wonderful at collecting the dust and keeping it away. Ensure that the vacuum bag or dust compartment is being changed frequently.

4) Air Purifier

If your facility doesn’t already have an air purifier, it’s a worthy investment. They literally purify the air within your facility. Consider using one that has a HEPA filter, because these will draw the dirty dust particles in and won’t allow them to escape.

5) Door Mats

The bottom of shoes is a big dust culprit. They drag dirt in with them and it’s pretty unavoidable, especially in a facility because shoes are obviously required. A solution to this is doormats. Place large mats on the inside and outside of every entryway so that guests will be more inclined to wipe the bottom of their shoes. Make sure the mats are being cleaned regularly, as well.

Happy Dusting!

Nobody likes dust. It’s gross and made from dead skin cells, dirt, and microscopic bacteria. That’s why it’s critical to your facility’s health to remove it. At Wilkins Linen, we offer state-of-the-art dust control solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more about dust control for facilities, join the conversation to speak with our team of dust control experts.

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