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Floor mats are often an overlooked detail of company decor. Considered mainly a functional item, many businesses miss an easy marketing and branding opportunity. Custom logo floor mats serve not only a functional purpose but are also great for company branding and marketing.

Custom Logo Floor Mats in Your Business

Think about the brands you love. You can probably visualize their logos in your mind. Can your customers do the same with yours? You’re always looking for cost effective ways to boost your brand. Custom logo mats and other facilities management products are a great way. Consider the following 5 reasons your business needs custom logo floor mats.

1) Safety

Custom logo mats will serve as a buffer to dirt and water coming in from outside. Your entryway floors won’t pose a slippery threat to your customers and employees. Your entryways also won’t need as much cleaning.

2) Professionalism

All welcome mats look nice and keep dirt and water off of your floors. But having mats with your company colors and logo is an easy way to add a professional touch to your entrances. There’s a psychological effect to having company-themed custom decor. It reinforces a sense of permanency and quality to your customers. In short, it makes you look more professional.

3) Cost-effective Branding

It’s important to get your brand in front of your clients and potential clients as often as possible. Building your brand isn’t easy and it requires constant exposure both online and in the real world. Having custom logo mats is an easy, cost-effective way to display your brand.

4) Strong and Durable

Custom logo mats are high-quality and built to last. They do not need frequent replacement, making them a good investment. You will get many years of clean, dry, and safer floors as well as brand display.

5) Ongoing Low-cost Advertising

Custom logo mats are designed to catch the eye, and they will. For a one time cost, you will get years of advertising every time someone walks in your door. There are very few other more strategic advertising spots than your front door.

Branding Made Easy

As a business owner, you’re always interested in making the most of every dollar. You also understand the importance of branding and marketing. Your floor mats are a great opportunity to not only provide safety, but brand awareness, and ongoing advertising as well. Give your brand that extra touch of professionalism with custom logo floor mats. Wilkins Linen is your Conroe area provider of facilities management products and linen services. Contact Us today for more information on high-quality custom logo mats for your business.

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