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You’re in the business of taking care of people when they’re sick or injured. It’s fast-paced, highly regulated, and often time-sensitive. You may not have the time you need to make sure your linens are always fresh and clean and ready to use. For this reason, you may be considering hiring a healthcare linen service provider. You also may wonder where to even begin.

Top Qualities of a Great Linen Service Provider

Your linens are an essential part of the services you provide. If you run out or they’re not clean at the time of need, your patients will suffer. Finding a quality healthcare linen provider is essential to your daily operations. Look for these 3 things:

1) Efficiency

It will take a healthcare facility several days to launder everything they use. A quality healthcare linen company, however, will do all the hard work for you and deliver them back in the given timeline. They generally have larger, more powerful laundry machines that can handle a much greater volume at a time. This service provides healthcare facilities with quality and convenient linen services.

2) Reliability

Finding a provider you can trust is absolutely essential. You need to know your service provider will do the highest quality job on your heavily soiled linens. It’s important to be able to trust them to handle your linens with care and keep you in regulatory compliance. You need to know they will pay careful attention to every detail to ensure you always have the linens you need when you need them.

3) Personal Touch

That personal touch we all love to have is often sacrificed in the name of efficiency or quantity. However, it still makes the difference between an average linen service provider and an excellent one. Your experience as a client will be determined by efficiency, reliability, quality, and the personal touch. They should be able to tailor services to meet your needs.

Wilkins Linen Knows Healthcare

Healthcare linen services require extra attention to keep you and your facility in compliance with healthcare regulatory standards. Wilkins has been serving the Greater Houston Area for 65 years and we are dedicated to providing the best quality of products and services in the healthcare industry. Choose Wilkins for your healthcare linen service provider.

Contact Us to learn more about our healthcare services or to schedule service for your facility.

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