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As a healthcare facility, strict regulations must be followed to ensure cleanliness. It’s essential to maintain a healthy environment for patients and doctors, and staff by reducing the potential risk of contamination and spreading diseases. That’s why OSHA and other organizations have implemented standards to help defend against infectious disease such as enforcing medical linen guidelines.

Meeting and maintaining these regulations is a top priority for linen operation departments within healthcare facilities. Running an in-house laundry service can pose unique challenges that require additional staffing, upfront costs, time, and inconvenience.

So, how can your company tackle these concerns easily and effectively? This article will give you all the answers.

Medical Linen Protocol Compliance

Let’s start with the linen regulatory guidelines in place for medical facilities. OSHA requirements for contaminated linens are as follows:

  • Must be bagged on site.
  • Held in a leak-proof container.
  • Implement a system for tracking either by label or color coding.
  • Transport safely.
  • Handle only as needed using safety measures such as gloves and lab coats.

Outsourcing Laundry: A Solution to Maintaining Regulations

If you find that meeting medical linen protocols is difficult to maintain and accumulating additional costs, consider outsourcing laundry to a linen service provider. Although a contract is required, you can rest assured that every law is followed and compliance is met on a daily basis. A trustworthy company will also have to ensure protocols are being carried out through the entire process including contaminated linen pick up, washing and drying methods, and delivery.

When you choose to outsource linen cleaning, operational and overall business costs are lowered. Learn more about how you could save money with laundry outsourcing services by clicking the hyperlink.

Wilkins Linen: A Reliable Choice

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