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Medical linens are central to your medical practice. They play an essential role in your patient experience and satisfaction. You may wonder if a healthcare linen service provider is worth the investment. While there is no one size fits all, there are some important factors to consider.

Medical Linen Service: The Better Option for Your Facility

Medical linens are used every day, all day in your facility. They represent a huge opportunity to impact patient satisfaction, daily efficiency, and expenses. Consider the following 7 benefits medical linen services could provide your facility:

1) More professional appearance

Always have the sheets and other cloths you need when you need them. A medical linen service company will work with you for the linen service schedule that best suits your needs.

2) Reduces laundry equipment and chemical costs

You will have no need to invest money in costly laundering equipment or detergents and chemicals. Your service provider will maintain top of the line commercial laundry machines, supplies, healthcare products.

3) Less maintenance and repair

Not only will you not have to purchase laundry machines and other equipment, but you also won’t have to spend money on maintenance and repairs. This means fewer expenses and fewer headaches.

4) Save on utilities

Not laundering your medical linens in-house means you’ll save money on water and electricity. The cost of utilities is already factored into the cost of your monthly linen service. Your service provider is able to spread this cost over many clients, which reduces your share significantly.

5) Sanitary

This is a driving factor for medical facilities- having the peace of mind knowing all your linens are always clean and handled properly. Your linen service provider will keep you in regulatory compliance with OSHA and industry standards for cleanliness. Your patients will have the comfort of knowing their bedding and other linens are always clean and fresh.

6) Convenient

Medical linen services offer incredible convenience to its clients. You will have regular pick-up and delivery of your medical linens. They will work with you to develop a schedule that fits your needs best. You also won’t have to keep up with inventory management.

7) Environmentally conscious

A linen service provider is able to wash a much larger quantity of linens at the same time, using fewer resources and creating less waste. This is a much more environmentally responsible approach than using paper or washing linens in house.

Wilkins Linen is Worth the Investment

Don’t pass up the opportunity to improve patient satisfaction, increase daily efficiency, and lower your expenses. Make the most of your medical linens. Find a quality medical linen service to handle your medical linens today.

To learn more about our comprehensive healthcare linen services, Contact Us.

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