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If you’re the manager or owner of a healthcare facility, you know the importance of maintaining professional in every aspect of your business. This includes everything from the people you hire to the health care products you provide–and the level of care given to patients and clients. More times than not, those in the medical industry wear professional uniforms not only to help maintain a level of professionalism in the workplace but also to foster a clean environment. While you may not have considered renting medical uniforms in the past, consider these reasons why it’s more beneficial when compared to employees buying medical scrubs.

Consistency and Uniformity

Depending on the type of healthcare facility you run, most likely, you want employees wearing medical scrubs that simply look uniform. Patients need to notice the difference in uniforms of a doctor from a cleaning crew personnel, and a nurse from a volunteer. When you rent uniforms, you’re in control of ordering. While of course, you don’t want everyone looking exactly alike, ordering uniforms yourself gives you much more control over how your employees look when they come to work every day.

Affordable for Everyone

If an employee has to buy their medical uniforms, it can get quite costly, especially if they work long hours across multiple shifts every week. Renting uniforms is more cost-effective for everyone – including yourself and your employees. Renting in bulk usually comes at a much more discounted price, and it gives you the ability to choose whether this is part of the employee’s obligation or not. You’ll never have to worry about replacing worn out uniforms or scrubs because rented clothes will always look fresh and new.

The Importance of Cleanliness

Anyone providing health care services must look clean, fresh, and professional. Most employees, even with their demanding schedules in the industry, understand that and are more than happy to oblige. However, if employees own their uniforms, it’s probably getting washed in a home laundry machine. Generally speaking, this will clean the uniform. However, commercial laundering takes things to the next level. Commercially rented uniforms are sure to be hygienically washed with less aggressive measures, therefore prolonging the life of your medical scrubs. This is also much better for overall infection control than employees laundering their medical uniforms.

Patient Satisfaction

A rented uniform looks much more professional, crisp, and clean due to commercial laundering and special care that a linen management company can provide. This professional look has a large effect on patient satisfaction. In the healthcare industry, making a good first impression is paramount to ensure that patients and clients keep coming back. How an employee’s uniform looks has a lot to do with the first impression that they make. Having a rental company take care of that appearance ends up being much more beneficial to the patient experience.

Rent From Wilkins Linen

If you need rental linens for the healthcare industry in the Houston area,  contact Wilkins Linen for assistance. We specialize in providing timely and reliable pick-up, laundering, and delivery services to local medical facilities for over 60 years and we are happy to do the same for your business too!

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