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Your search for the ideal Texas medical linen service ends with Wilkins Linen. No matter how big or small your facility may be, Wilkins Linen has the right solutions for you.

Here’s how your medical linen service supply will benefit from Wilkins Linen:

Texas Medical Linen Service Experience

Wilkins Linen has been around since 1952. Every single one of those years represents not only the trust and satisfaction of all our clients. These years represent the expertise that we have gained. Skills, techniques, and industry knowledge gained through the years inform our every action regarding your medical linen. 

Under the careful hands of Wilkins’ experts, your medical linen is done professionally, correctly, and safely. With Wilkins Linen, you do not have to second-guess the safety and integrity of the items delivered to you and your patients. Every delivery is securely carried out utilizing methods designed to surpass industry standards.

More than the convenience that we offer, our Texas medical linen service gives you peace of mind. You know that Wilkins Linen will come through – no matter the weather, the situation, or the season. Wilkins makes sure that you will always have access to clean and safe medical linens and garments.

Outstanding Texas Medical Linen Product Selection

Wilkins Linen does not toy around with the quality of our medical linen products. We maintain some of the highest criteria in our linen and garment selection to make sure that only the best items end up in your possession. From making sure that each item is durable, to testing items for actual user experience, Wilkins takes your satisfaction seriously.

Our quality control procedures do not end there, either. At each delivery, our in-house experts check items for any signs of wear and tear and non-usability. We conduct prompt repairs for items still in good condition. Otherwise, garments no longer up to our standards are removed from circulation. Additionally, we always comply with OSHA, JCAHO, and the EPA.

With Wilkins Linen, you can always expect excellence – from your most crucial patient-use garments to your most basic towels.

Committed Customer Service

Wilkins Linen is of the belief that great customer service is crucial in giving excellent Texas medical linen service. And our brand of customer service is the kind that sits down with you to know your business – its unique needs, expectations, and challenges. Ours is the kind that looks for solutions for your business, not generic services. Our customer service is the kind the maintains open doors so you can let us know how we can serve you better.

With Wilkins Linen, you do not just have a medical linen provider. You have a partner for growth.

Reliability and Excellence, Quality and Convenience with Wilkins Linen

Complete satisfaction with your Texas medical linen service is possible with Wilkins Linen! Start the New Year right and sign up for your Texas medical linen and uniform service from Wilkins today! Call us at 1(866) WILKINS to speak with a representative who can walk you through your options.


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