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In the healthcare industry, the top priority is always the safety and care of the patients. Every healthcare office and hospital has the goal of making sure their patients are comfortable and ultimately, healthy. In order to achieve this, hospitals must take great care to ensure that their facilities, instruments, and textiles are clean. #LinenManagement is important in every industry but is particularly crucial in healthcare settings. Share on X

Linen and Laundry Management in Hospitals

Not only do healthcare linens need to be high quality and comfortable, they also have to be thoroughly and professionally cleaned to make sure any germs and pathogens have been destroyed. This is the only way to ensure a comfortable and safe experience from patient to patient.

Important Differences

Hospital laundry requires much different handling than other linens, such as hospitality or restaurant linens. These linens can be soiled with biological fluids, which means that they must be disinfected and serviced before putting them into washing machines. Hospitals care for patients with weakened immune systems, so infections are a very real danger. There are items which require careful and delicate handling. Because hospital linens must be washed every time they come into contact with a patient, the volume of linens and the calendering of laundry service is quite an undertaking.

The Goal

The goal of hospital linen management should be to provide an adequate supply of clean linens for the comfort and safety of patients.  The clean and professional appearance of personnel is also facilitated by a linen management service. Your laundry service provider should be able to provide an adequate caliber of cleanliness to prevent the spread of infection. Patients and staff should feel confident in the hospital setting.

The Value of Outsourcing Experts

At Wilkins Linen we provide a full range of healthcare supplies for large hospitals or small practices. Our products include everything you need, from bed linens and gowns to personalized floor mats.We understand the unique requirements of hospital and healthcare linens and laundering, and we’re here to help!

Contact Us to learn more about hospital and healthcare linen and laundry management.

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