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You only get one chance at a first impression, so if your facility’s housekeeping is lacking, that first impression may not be a good one. A clean and welcoming space goes a long way toward boosting guest satisfaction, but the process requires a department that operates efficiently. In housekeeping, efficiency usually boils down to how much time you put into planning and training. Share on X


Housekeeping is a tough, physically demanding job. It’s important to train staff using a thoughtful and effective strategy, to provide a safe and organized work environment. This will help you retain competent staff and reduce turnover. Here are the best ways to improve your housekeeping department:


Planning will ensure that your employees understand the tasks at hand and have the tools necessary to complete them. Keeping facility products stocked, linens laundered and folded and supplies organized will help your staff do their jobs without delay or confusion.


It’s not enough to have good procedures in place if you never convey expectations to your staff. Communication is crucial in order to keep everyone on the same page. There should be regular staff meetings, reviews, and team building opportunities. This will allow you to connect with your staff and also spot problems before they become ingrained habits.


If housekeeping is a top priority for you (and it should be), then you must hold staff accountable. When things are overlooked or incorrectly done, further training and counseling with the employee should occur. If issues start to arise regularly, your entire staff may need to be retrained and reacquainted with the proper procedures.

A Strong Team

Housekeeping is an integral part of your business, and employees should be treated with respect and professionalism. With clear planning and priorities, clear communication and accountability, yours can become a strong team.

Wilkins Linen and Dust Control Service has the tools and expertise your team needs to succeed. Contact Us to learn more about properly equipping your housekeeping staff.

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