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Planning for a wedding can be hectic and overwhelming at times. You have to find the perfect dress, determine an overall theme and style, order a cake, and numerous other decoration details. So, where does your wedding linens fit in? When is the best time to order? Should you rent or buy them? We’ll cover all of your most common questions in this article.

The Basics About Wedding Linens

If you are recently engaged, you are probably eager to jump into planning your dream wedding. But before getting started, get familiar with these basics about wedding linens so you can be prepared when it’s time to order.

When should you order?

One of the most important tasks is making sure you order in ample time before your wedding date. If you don’t order far enough in advance, you are taking some risks. The specific size and material wanted may be unavailable. Or, the linen rental company may already be fully booked for your event date.

Aim to order wedding linens 4-6 months prior to your wedding date. This will give you enough time to determine the sizes, shapes, and styles preferred, while also giving the vendor plenty of time for logistics planning and scheduling the delivery. 

Renting vs. Buying

Another huge decision is whether to buy or rent your wedding linens. While it may seem easy to order online and ship to your doorstep, consider these reasons why renting is the way to go.

  • Cost – The cost of renting is usually less than buying. Depending on the type of fabric, materials can be expensive to outright purchase. Also, think about the size of tablecloth being ordered. These are huge tables that require large pieces of fabric to cover. Due to sheer size, buying could be more costly than renting.

  • Less stress – When hiring a linen rental company, you don’t have to worry about delivery, maintenance, or pickup. Your linens will be delivered on time and will already be washed and pressed.

In comparison, when ordering linens online, they come packaged in small boxes and bags that have tons of creases. Think about the time, stress, and energy saved by eliminating the need to wash and iron these cloths.   

Tablecloth sizes

Get with your venue or vendor who is providing tables for the reception. They will be able to tell you exactly how many tables there will be (based on your guest count) and dimensions. Gather this information before placing an order with the linen vendor–otherwise, you won’t be able to reserve the correct sizes.

If you prefer the material to pool onto the floor, order a slightly larger size.

Stick with neutrals

Consider ordering linens in a neutral color such as white or ivory. You won’t have to worry about matching specific colors–neutrals go with everything. In addition, these tones give a cleaner and more uniform look for your reception.

More than reception linens

When determining how many linens and tables should be covered, it’s obvious to include reception tables. But often times, other areas are missed. Don’t forget about these essential tablecloths for your wedding.

  • Cake table
  • Sweetheart table
  • Cocktail hour
  • Ceremony tables used for things like a unity candle, sand ceremony, etc.
  • Sign in table
  • Linens for the gift and card table
  • Escort card table

You Can Trust Wilkins

When you’re ready to make a linen rental order, contact Wilkins Linen. We have been providing essential wedding linens to brides and grooms in the Houston area for over 60 years. Our reliable team will give you attention to detail and promptness during your experience. Talk with a representative for more information and to get started today.


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