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Texans are used to bigger and better. Wilkins Linen strives to meet this standard while also adding elements like quality and personal touch to the mix. Our healthcare linen service in Houston achieves this every day by providing unmatched products that comfort our beloved Houston residents while simultaneously easing the burdens of our healthcare heroes.

Putting Patients First

Patient experience is the end all be all of healthcare. It’s what every respected facility tirelessly works to achieve perfection in. Putting patients first involves much more than just medical treatment. Bedside manner, personable staff, hygiene, and high-quality linen are the not-so-secret ingredients that allow your guests to leave your facility in better condition than you found them. Wilkins Linen’s healthcare linen service in Houston gives your staff what they need to maximize the patient experience.

Maximizing Comfort

Wilkins Linen is committed to enhancing the patient experience in immediately recognizable ways. When medical treatments may take days to take effect, a warm blanket or a soft hospital gown that soothes the skin offers instant results. Beyond the warm, secure embrace that our products provide, several studies confirmed an emphasis on comfortability in these subtle ways has profound impacts on patient recovery.

Wilkins Linen understands that whether it’s a visit to a hospital or a small outpatient clinic, it can be a vulnerable moment in time. Our healthcare linen reflects the concern we have for our Houston residents in their times of need. Our expert design team weaves each thread to bring warmth and joy.

Meeting Industry Regulations

To be the best, you have to bring the best. Not only to uphold the image we’ve built since 1952 but for the well-being of our world-class Houston medical staff responsible for keeping us in the game! Our actions speak louder than words. We ease the burdens of Houston medical staff with unparalleled customer service and strict compliance with JCAHO standards.

Timely Deliveries

Wilkins ensures you receive your linens on time and in perfect condition. Providing a streamlined, stress-free service is what we hang our hats (or linen) on! Not only will we pick up soiled or damaged healthcare linens five days a week, but we will also replace them with fresh, premier quality, sanitary-wrapped new ones on a weekly basis.

Personalized Solutions

One size hardly fits all. Healthcare facilities specialize in different treatments and therefore need custom solutions. We go above and beyond with specially designed programs to cater to your organization’s requests. This includes a custom reporting service, enabling customers to view their linen usage on a weekly/monthly basis. We empower you with analytics and information to best serve your caregivers and patients. 

The Total Package

Producing, delivering, cleaning, and replacing our wonderful healthcare linens is not enough. Comprehensive service from conception to delivery is a must. Honoring those in our community is the bottom line. Each thread in our patient gowns, towels, blankets, sheets, and more reinforces that. 

Wilkins Exceeds the Houston Standard for Healthcare Linen

Discover how Wilkins Linen blazes a new trail through our exceptional healthcare linen service in Houston. Call us today at 1-866-945-5467 or email us for a free quote!

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