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Owning a hotel means assessing and understanding all types of aspects that can and will make your guests happy. The maintenance and cleanliness of linens such as bedsheets, pillowcases, and mattress covers are usually the first things your guests look at, and it’s important to make the upkeep of these items a priority at all times. However, it can be a large task to handle on your own. Is outsourcing right for you?

Is it time to consider outsourcing your laundry management for your hotel? Here are some points to help you decide. Share on X

Outsourcing linens may be more beneficial to you than you realize. Using a dependable service frees up time for you to focus on other areas of your business.  While it may seem like a big investment at first, you’ll soon realize outsourcing your linen management can be more cost-effective than keeping it in-house.

Determine if Outsourcing Linens is Cost Effective

To help make your decision, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much are you paying your staff to do hotel laundry compared to the cost of hiring a professional service?
  • Do you feel that your team is tasked with a steady day-to-day amount of responsibilities?
  • Would you feel comfortable assigning other tasks to your employees after assessing their workload?

Taking the time to evaluate your internal team’s daily schedule can help you decide whether outsourcing a linen service is the best option for your business.

ProTip: When considering hiring a laundry service for your hotel, ask your staff for feedback on what other areas of service they can focus on if laundry was no longer done in-house.

Evaluate How Outsourcing Linens Will Benefit Your Guests

Since hiring a linen management service will free up your time spent on washing and drying sheets, towels, and comforters, you can spend extra time providing your guests the quality customer service they deserve. No guest wants to feel like they’re an inconvenience or that the hotel staff is too busy to accommodate special requests. By showing them that their comfort and satisfaction is your number one priority even on your busiest of days, they will be much more likely to return for another stay or recommend your hotel to others.

Outsourcing Can Free Up Space in Your Facility

If you decide to use a linen management team for your laundry services, you wouldn’t need a separate space in your facility to hold washing machines, dryers, folding stations, or supply rooms. You can use the extra space for more guest rooms or activity areas. Think about how this opportunity can increase revenue for your business.

Hire the Right Professionals For the Job

At Wilkins Linen, we know that making the decision to outsource laundry in the hospitality industry can be a challenging one. We strive to provide the best service for our customers using the most efficient equipment and delivering in a professional and timely manner.

Contact us to learn about our linen management services and how working with us can benefit your business.

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