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The cloth vs. paper napkins debate has been around for a while. In 2013, a U.S. restaurant consumer study showed that consumers preferred cloth napkins to paper napkins. Even before the study, restaurants that used cloth napkins were perceived as better quality establishments than those that used paper napkins. In reality, cloth napkins are a business savvy solution with a wide range of benefits, ranging from financial to environmental.

Advantages of Cloth vs. Paper Napkins

Saves you money

If you’re in a dilemma about cloth vs. paper napkins, start by considering the cost. On average, a five year supply of cloth napkins will cost you less in the long run compared to paper napkins because they can be reused.

Make a Better Impression

In business, presentation is everything! Cloth napkins give off a superior ambiance and create a more stylish presentation. Consumers use their eyes as a primary way of measuring up the quality of an establishment. If you want your customers to see you as a fine establishment, cloth napkins are the best choice.

Produce Less TrashRecycle Symbol

Millions of pounds of trash get sent to landfills every year. Some of this trash ends up in the oceans and nature, causing a range of problems for wildlife and ecosystems. With so much discussion going on about protecting the environment, recycling, reusing and minimizing carbon footprints, the cloth vs. paper debate is an important decision.

Choosing sustainably made cloth napkins can minimize the amount of trash you release into the environment. Even after heavy use, cloth napkins can be cleaned to look brand new and are ready to be reused. If you want to become a more sustainable business, chose cloth napkins to minimize waste and carbon footprints.

We Can Help You Change from Paper to Cloth Napkins

Sustainable and environmentally friendly establishments are gaining more and more popularity among consumers. Choosing cloth napkins instead of paper napkins is definitely a step in the right direction towards greener business practices. Contact Wilkins Linen for help managing and cleaning your cloth napkins–make the switch today!

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