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Your linens play a vital daily role in your services and brand development. They need to be high quality, durable, and reliable. They also need to be cleaned and ready to use when you need them. This can prove to be time-consuming and expensive to maintain in house. Choosing the right linen services company can save you time and money over the long haul.  

Choosing a Linen Services Company

Outsourcing your linen services to a company you trust can make a huge difference on your workload AND bottom line. The key is finding the right company. The following tips will help you get started.

1) Price vs. Quality

The quality of the linens you use reflects on your brand and affects the experience of your guests. Ask to examine the linens each company uses and choose one with the highest quality linens within your budget. Remember there’s more to quality linens than thread count. Evaluate the linen quality and pricing before choosing your linen provider.

2) What Do People Say?

Reputation will tell you a lot about what to expect working with a particular company. Look for reviews online and ask people you know for recommendations. Check to see if they’re registered with the Better Business Bureau and how they’re rated. Complaints don’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t use them. See how they respond to issues and complaints. This will give you a good idea how they’ll respond if an issue arises for you.

3) All About Service

Quality products and affordable prices are great, but great service is even better. You need a service provider you can rely on just as your clients rely on you. A company that’s been in business for a good while probably has excellent customer service. You’ll be dealing with them week by week, year after year. Don’t settle for anything but the best quality service.

4) Check Their Credentials

Are they licensed and insured? Make sure they have the proper licenses for commercial laundry care. If you are in the healthcare industry, compliance is a must. Make sure the company you choose will keep you in compliance at all times. You want to also be sure the company you do business with carries the appropriate liability insurance for laundry services.

5) Pickup and Delivery

What are your pickup and delivery needs? Make sure the company you do business with can pickup and deliver your linens as you need them. Reliable pickup and delivery are essential to keeping your daily and weekly operations running smoothly.

The Wilkins Advantage

Wilkins Linen has provided high-quality linen services to Greater Houston, East Texas, and Bryan-College Station for over 60 years. We are equipped to meet all health care regulatory requirements including OSHA, EPA, and JCAHO standards. We also understand the linen needs of the restaurant industry. It’s our pleasure to help you serve your customers and patients with the greatest care possible. Get started choosing a linen services company with this essential guide.

Contact Us to learn more about our high-quality health care or restaurant linen services.

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