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There’s no denying that first impressions and outward appearances shape our experiences with the world. Nowhere is this truer than in the restaurant industry, where the ambiance and appearance of a restaurant is just as important as the food it serves.

Upon initial glance, customers will scan the look and feel of your restaurant and decide for themselves whether they like what they see or not. In order to run a successful business, one that will draw customers in and not have them running off, investing in appearances is an absolute must.

Impress Your Customers With Attractive Table Linens

For restaurant owners, one of the first and most important decorative features to focus on are table linens. Linens are one of the few things that immediately catch customers’ attention, signifying the type of experience they will have. Selecting the right, high quality table linens for your restaurant can immediately improve and enhance the success of your business.

The Selection Process

The process of selecting high quality table linens for your restaurant does not have to be a difficult one. When it comes to picking out the best quality fabric, it helps to have a bit of background knowledge on thread counts, linen materials, and sizes.

A major misconception is that the higher the thread counts the better the linen. While this may be true for bed linens, the same cannot be said for tablecloths. In fact, a lower count will present you with a far more durable cloth, as the thread will not be as easily damaged.

The material of the linen is also incredibly important. Many restaurant owners agree that poly cotton blends are the most durable, last the longest, and are by far the most wrinkle resistant.

Restaurant Settingdownloadw2

Designing and decorating your restaurant in accordance to the type of setting you wish to radiate is crucial to the selection of your linens. This idea becomes more apparent when you compare the tablecloths of a walk-in café to those of a fine dining restaurant. Colors, patterns, and cloth designs must all be considered in order to brand your restaurant properly.

Although white is usually the go-to linen shade, you may want to reconsider depending on the type of restaurant you own.

  • Fine dining
    • White tablecloths apply more to fine dining restaurants, as the impression you’ll want to give off is one of  elegance and class.
    • A more layered, white tablecloth will give off the impression of a high end dining experience that requires a reservation.
  • Casual dining
    • With more casual dining restaurants, the incorporation of bright linen shades will give off a livelier atmosphere. This is perfect for attracting customers that may be walking by your café or lunch shop.

The Renting Process

Taking time to select the best table linens for your restaurant is one of the most important ways to provide a fantastic customer experience, brand your restaurant properly, and help you to create an outstanding business image.

If you’re a restaurant owner looking to rent tablecloths for your business, contact Wilkins Linen today. We have the industry experience and certification to properly take care of your linens.

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