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Did you know that according to The National Restaurant Association, nearly 40% of the food we produce in the United States ends up in a landfill? That number is alarming. Americans eyes are definitely bigger than our stomachs. Furthermore, one-time-use napkins, tablecloths, straws, and silverware are piling up in our landfills. It’s important for the health of the planet to make strides to minimize waste in the restaurant industry.

How Can Restaurant Managers Reduce Waste?

Thankfully there are ways to cut back and promote sustainability within your restaurant. A lot of these alternatives will not only save resources but save money as well. Have you noticed that your restaurant is guilty of wasting food and resources? Here are 5 helpful suggestions to reduce, reuse, and recycle for restaurant managers. Share on X

  1. Reusable Products
  2. Serve Perishable Produce Quickly
  3. Have a Backup Plan
  4. Eat or Donate Unused Food
  5. Go Paperless

1) Reusable Products

One of the biggest sustainability efforts you can make as a restaurant manager is to ditch the one-time-use products. Forget plastic straws, water bottles, cutlery, and paper napkins. Instead, choose high-quality reusable cloth napkins and table cloths. Not only will this help minimize waste, but it will enhance the overall appearance of your restaurant.

Pro TIp: Just one restaurant can make a huge, positive impact on the environment by opting for reusable products when possible.

2) Serve Perishable Produce Quickly

It’s important to only buy what you need. Of course, as a restaurant manager. you need to have a margin of error and account for unexpected circumstances. However, it’s best to buy less perishable produce and serve it as quickly as possible. If you notice that your vegetables have 1-2 days of shelf life left, consider promoting a discounted dish that incorporates these perishables. This can tremendously cut back on food waste.

3) Have a Backup Plan

Another culprit of wasted food in restaurant management is power outages. If perishable food is sitting in a refrigerator that has lost power for an extended period of time, then you will have to throw all of the rotting food away. If you invest in a generator, when the power goes out, you’ll be saving all of that food and money spent on the food.

4) Eat or Donate Unused Food

To cut back on the amount of waste in your restaurant you should consider eating or donating uneaten food. If possible, give staff unused food at the end of their shifts. Another option is to work with a food donation program that teams up with restaurants to provide food to the homeless.

5) Go Paperless

Instead of doing everything by hand on paper, go digital! Invest in a POS system that allows staff to keep track of inventory. Opting for a POS system not only eliminates paper waste, but it also makes it easier to order new products without any human error.

Help Your Restaurant Go Green

It’s important for the restaurant industry to change operations to promote a healthier eco-system for years to come. At Wilkins Linen, we provide greener alternatives for restaurants.

Are you interested in learning more about reducing waste in restaurant management? Join us on Facebook to speak with our team about ways that your business can go green.

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