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There’s no greater feeling than a new year to start fresh. The textile industry contributes to a huge waste problem in the United States. Make it a goal for your business to choose a greener alternative when possible.

Your Sustainable Goals

While it may be easier to use disposable gowns and linens; the negative impact on the environment is unquestionable. Landfills are filled with one-time-use textiles. Why not use 2019 as a new year to reduce your carbon footprint? Help your facility to go green in 2019! Follow these 3 goals to implement environmentally-friendly practices that are easy on your budget. Share on X

Reusable Linens

If your industry is currently using disposable medical gowns, or linens, consider a sustainable alternative such as renting linens. Opting for reusable linens not only reduces your carbon footprint, but it also guarantees your industry will have professionally cleaned items.

Micro-Fiber Products

Cleaning your facility should be done with reusable materials such as micro-fiber products. If employees are constantly using paper towels, this is not only creating a substantial amount of waste; the price of buying new paper towels can add up. Choose instead, an environmentally friendly and economical option, like micro-fiber cloths.

Reduce Waste

It’s quite simple to live sustainably by making a few changes in your routine. Reducing waste and using reusable materials can give your company a competitive advantage. With the green movement more prominent than ever, why not make some small changes to ensure your company is transparent in their sustainability efforts? 

Pro Tip: Be part of a positive change in 2019 by reducing waste with reusable linens.

An Eco-Friendly 2019

Using reusable fabrics may seem daunting, but if you work with a knowledgeable linen company such as Wilkins, you can stress less in knowing that you will always get clean, quality products every time.

How is your business being eco-friendly in 2019? Join the conversation and let us know what works best for you.

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