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With all the other factors you have to juggle for your business, dust control might be the last thing on your mind. Make sure you don’t neglect it! Keeping your facility clean and dust-free can attract just as many customers as the products and services you offer.

Thick dust on every surface can cause allergies, adverse health reactions, and general discomfort for your clients and employees alike. If your business has a recurring problem with rapid dust accumulation, it might be time to spring for professional dust control. Keep your facility clean and welcoming.

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People Are Complaining

Both employees and clients will notice when your business gets filthy. You’ll likely see a spike in complaints and allergic reactions. Worst of all, many people will be turned off by a dirty business and won’t come back a second time. Make sure you choose a dust control service that can truly contain the problem and encourage your guests to return.

Pro Tip: Dust mites, tiny bugs that thrive in a dusty environment, can be hiding in every undusted corner of your business. Curb their infestation by staying on top of cleaning and hiring a professional dust control service.

Your Location Gets Dirty a Lot

Maybe your business opens straight to a dirt space, allowing customers to track in filth and dust on their shoes. Whatever the case, it’s possible that you’ve simply chosen a location prone to getting dirty a lot. Dust control services can help, but you need to stay on top of the problem as well. Take extra measures like regularly replacing air filters and laying down doormats to help curb the spread of dust.

Constant Dry Weather

Moisture in the air sticks to dust particles and makes them heavier, dragging them down to surfaces in your facility. Of course, dust collecting on its own is easy enough to clean. However, if the weather is dry and less moisture is in the air, the dust stays suspended and can cause allergic reactions to anyone who inhales it. This also creates a near-constant source of airborne dust to settle on every surface whenever the air shifts. Thankfully, a professional dust control service can help you keep this in check through high-quality air filters and allergen testing. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather yourself and be prepared for extra dusting if you have a dry spell.

Effective Dust Control

At Wilkins Linen and Dust Control Services, we believe that the cleaner your facility is, the more likely you are to attract and retain customers. We’re here to help you with all your dust management needs and keep your business safe and clean.

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