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As a business owner, you know the struggle of keeping your workplace clean and appealing to customers. You also know that seemingly insignificant tasks like laundry can pile up and consume valuable time and resources to fix. Thankfully, there is a solution. Considering hiring an outside linen service to help manage your facility’s busywork and take care of tasks like laundry.

Facility management services are designed to find and complete important but low-priority work for you, freeing you to spend more time on your business’s immediate needs. In particular, outsourcing laundry and dust control will save you time as you rest assured that professionals are handling the work for you.

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You Won’t Have to Worry about Broken Machines

Most people only own one washer and dryer. What if the washer starts leaking or the dryer’s heater shuts down? While you can probably afford to wait for your personal laundry, you don’t have the same luxury for your business’s linens. Thankfully, an outsourced laundry service maintains a large number of washers and dryers to ensure that a single broken machine doesn’t bring the whole place to a standstill. You’re guaranteed to get your freshly sanitized linens back exactly on time.

You’ll Never Run Out of Dust Control Materials

Focused on keeping dirt from being tracked into your business and accumulating, dust control is important to maintaining a clean atmosphere for your clients. Keep dust levels low with customized floor mats and logo mats, and clean up the rest with fresh mops delivered as often as needed. You’ll never have to make an emergency trip to the cleaning supplies aisle again.

Pro tip: Some dust is best cleaned with a dry microfiber cloth, while some can be scrubbed away with water. Do you know what kind of dirt accumulates in your business?

You Can Be Confident in Your Facility Managers

An outside linen and dust control management service is as invested in keeping your business clean and orderly as you are. After all, how else would the business continue to thrive? You can trust Wilkins Linen to provide clean laundry and helpful dust control equipment as soon as you need it, and perfectly meet your business’s standards for cleanliness.

Is Outsourcing Facility Management the Right Choice?

The old saying “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” is good advice in theory. However, if you apply this principle to everything in your life or business, you’ll find yourself overrun with a thousand tiny tasks and not enough time in the day to finish them all. Think about entrusting a few of your day to day chores to an outside facility management service and see if things improve. You may be surprised with the result!

Looking for a management service with the reviews to back them up? Join the conversation and see why so many clients choose us for their linen management and dust control!

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